We Are All Children of Pattinson and Cornell Now

By my count, the latest book in the Brewers Publication styles series, IPA by Mitch Steele, is 39% historical material.  The pages are festooned with familiar graphs--well, familiar to anyone who makes this place a regular stop.  In case any wankers like me were going to get all OCB wiki on them, Brewers Publications made sure this quote was placed in the press release: 

This will be an excellent addition to the literature on IPA.
Martyn Cornell, author of Amber, Gold, & Black: The History of Britain's Great Beers
And you find 29 separate entries under various Hodgson-related topics, which will put certain minds at ease.  Martyn and Ron have permanently changed the way we write, talk, and think about beer.  Not bad for a couple of bloggers.  (Blogs will save us.)
Jeff Alworth4 Comments