Goes to show: this is something Americans really want to know about. From a Reddit Q&A:
QUESTION: What's the recipe for the White House's beer? 
OBAMA: It will be out soon! I can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty.
I'm taking bets. Will it be: a) a surprisingly beer geeky recipe, b) probably fine but nothing spectacular, or c) amateur hour? Put me down for B. 

Update.  In comments, we have a perfect (albeit in reverse order) question and answer that are worth highlighting.   First from an anonymous commenter, writing what I'm sure is a common sentiment even among beer geeks:
who really cares? I can't believe or understand the amount of discussion/buzz/debate this has caused. I mean petitions, endless blog/twitter/facebook posts, and freedom of information act requests? All to find out what is likely a bad to mediocre "honey ale" recipe. wow. 
Alan, presciently, had pre-answered these objections:
Maybe it will be normal. That your supreme leader, the leader of the western world, advocates for "tasty" beer is a massive victory for me. 
Being the president gives you a huge spotlight, and one of the virtues of the office is bringing a few causes you like into the light with you.  It costs nothing, is not politically costly, unites rather than divides, and generally makes everyone happy.  I'm with Alan. 
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