Is the International Beer Fest Out of Gas?

I will be attending the Portland International Beer Fest this weekend because it is located in the dappled sunshine of the North Park Blocks and there are so many beers that even a curmudgeon can find a half-dozen excellent pours. 
That said, I become ever more more disenchanted with what was once far and away my fave fest.  Every year, the selection goes down and the prices go up.  This is not only inexcusable in a moment when there's more good international beer in the US than ever before (places like Apex and Bazi consistently have impressive draft imports) , but especially when you compare it to other international fests like this one.

The beer list is disappointing.   It is larded with a large number of familiar brands (Chimay, Lindemans, Sam Smith's, Schneider, Spaten) and has incredibly bad coverage of emerging countries: Italy (1), France (0), Norway (0).  Denmark and New Zealand have a few entrants--good!--but in past year Danish beer set you back 4-6 bucks for a 4-ounce pour.  We'll see how it looks this year.  The total number of actual international beers (83) is now running behind domestics (93).  Oh, and those American entrants, which I've raved about in the past?  The selection is likewise unspectacular.  Lots and lots of regularly-available pours there. 

So to you.  Has PIB run out of gas?  Are you even bothering to go this year, or would you rather hang out at Apex instead?