Beer's Implausible "Miracle Molecule"

This sounds great...
Scientists have discovered that a hidden vitamin in beer and milk called the "miracle molecule" may prevent obesity.  A new study found that nicotinamide riboside (NR), a molecule found to indirectly influence the activity of cell metabolism, could play an important role in preventing weight gain and diabetes, improving muscular performance and providing other "extraordinary health benefits," according to a Switzerland-based research team.
Until you consider this: 

Thus the important disclaimers: "However, researchers said that the molecule is extremely small and difficult to reproduce. 'At the moment, we can't even measure its concentration in milk,' [study author Carles Canto] warned. 'So it's impossible to know how much you would have to drink to be able to observe its effects.'"

I'm guessing the value of this extremely small molecule is offset by the large dose of calories you chug with every pint of IPA.  More study is needed.

Photo credit: Belly Blubber Blasters