A Note From the Blogger

On Friday, I turned in the first half of the manuscript to the Beer Bible, a document running 127,003 words*--though that included the table of contents and working bibliography.  I am well aware that blogging has been threadbare lately, and it's because I was trying to meet the first-half deadline.  In recompense, I plan to catch up and go visit the 297** new Portland breweries that have opened since I went underground.  I may even do a little video feature, though since I am a blogger (read: a slacker with poor follow-through), we'll see. 

I plan to visit Pints this week and maybe Gigantic as well.  But I also hope to brew up a batch of summertime ale and I'm leaving for the weekend on Friday morning, so we'll see about that, too.  Harvester, Humble, Fire on the Mountain, The Commons (nope, ain't visited yet), Sasquatch, Occidental, and--who'd I miss?--to come.
*400-500 pages, depending on how those pages are formatted.

**Approximate number.