Full Sail Introduces Albino Porter

In an intriguing trend-reversal, Full Sail announced today that it planned to brew the world's first Albino Porter. Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson, musing on the trend in black IPAs wondered, "why not a pale porter?" Albino Porter (known to the brewing team under its codename Ghost Porter) is a remarkable fusion of a roasty note lurking inside a pilsner-light pale ale.

"If you close your eyes and have a sip, you'd swear it was an inky black beer. The roast is just intense," said Barney Brennan, who helped Emmerson perfect the recipe. "Craft brewing is pretty much all gimmicks now. Belgian lagers, dark pale ales, beer cocktails--it's all about novelty. We thought Ghost Porter would appeal to the dark beer drinkers who wanted to look like they were drinking an IPA. You can still drink your porter, but look like you're sucking down a 300-IBU IPA."

The beer arrives amid some controversy, as People for the Ethical Treatment of People with Albinism (PETPA) have raised concerns. The London-based group worries it may provoke hostility to a misunderstood condition. "PETPA is reserving judgment until we see a label. It could be Full Sail are treating the subject seriously." Full Sail is considering donating a portion of the sales to PETPA to raise awareness about Albinism. Emmerson says he's also considering going back to Ghost Porter, but wonders if it will be as commercially oxymoronic as "black IPA."

Look for the beer in May.

Update: Note the date.

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