Rose Bowl? Call It the Beer Bowl Instead

This year's Rose Bowl pits the Oregon Ducks against my Wisconsin Badgers in what may be the most entertaining game of the season. (I predict a final score of 83-65.) But beyond two entertaining teams, there's this: has a major bowl ever featured two teams from more beery states? In terms of brewery count and exotic and tasty beers, Oregon has the clear edge--even with New Glarus on the red team. But you have to give Badger drinkers, who have been known to drain a pub dry*, a huge edge on enthusiasm. No one loves beer more in these United States than the residents of the dairy state.

If I were one of the governors, I would propose a friendly wager, the stakes of which would be tasty, tasty beer. Say a mix case of 24 of the finest brews from each state. According to the fish wrap, at the moment both coaches are all lovey-dovey about each other's programs, and these two historically weak teams have had no opportunity to build much of a rivalry. Put some Wisconsin Belgian Red up against Adam from the Wood? Now that's something to play for.