What People Buy at a Timbers Game

Last night, I enjoyed watching the Portland Timbers dismantle the vaunted offense of the David Beckham/Landon Donovan LA Galaxy with 18,000 of my close friends. I could go on and on about the game--my man Jorge "Lightning" Perlaza showing his speed on the game's second goal, for instance--but this is a post about beer.

I'm always interested in not only what beers are on offer at sporting events, but what sells (of course, it's a business so there's lots of overlap). The Widmer Brothers and Budweiser share honors as sponsors, and at the first game, I was surprised to see beer guys walking through the crowd with what appeared to be full buckets of Bud. Closer inspection revealed that there were a few Widmers in the mix.

Last night, it was the opposite. I struck up a conversation with the vendor, who had two Buds and maybe a case of Widmer. How much Bud do you sell, I asked. "Bud? Here? You gotta be kidding."

The crowd has spoken: don't try to sell Bud at a Timbers game. Almost makes you get a little misty, doesn't it?
Jeff Alworth6 Comments