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First, the big news, which Ezra finally broke: Ben Love and Van Havig are going to partner up to form Gigantic Brewing--a rather restrained, understated name for a Havig endeavor. In the music world, when members of a band get together to form a new band, it's known as a "supergroup." Ben and Van are two of the most admired and liked brewers in the city, so this must be a superbrewery. (Fun game: which rock stars are Ben and Van like? I'll go with Jerry Garcia and David Lowery.)

Next, there's a whole lotta events going on about which you should be apprised:

Block 15 La Ferme de la Ville Provision Release
Tonight! -- 5pm
The Beermongers, SE 12th and Division

When I visited the brewery with Patrick last fall, Nick Arzner pulled out a few bottles from his specialty stash. His saison, an evocation of the classic aged farmhouse ales of decades past, absolutely blew me away. I've been waiting anxiously for this year's version. Nick's also brought up kegs of the sublime 2010 Demon's Farm (Cheers to Belgian Beers winner), 2010 Hopnosis barleywine, Alpha IPA, and Wandelpad Belgian blond.


Oakshire Night
Tonight! -- 5pm
Bottles, 5015 NE Fremont

What is this, an invasion from the lower Willamette Valley? Arzner's at Beermongers, and at the same time across town, brewer Matt Van Wyk will be at Bottles with eight of his beers, including some rarities-- Rose Mountain Gruit, Bruine Von Brugge, and Hibernator Doppelbock. It's more good beer than a person knows what to do with.


Deschutes Street Fare
Thursday, August 18, 5-9pm
Portland Pub, 210 NW 11th

This is a fundraiser for Morrison Child and Family Services that may well turn out to be one of the city's best events. Deschutes closes down Davis Street next to the pub and invites in bands and food carts--where, of course, the beer is matched to the cuisine. It's a lot of fun and totally Portland.

Lompoc 15th Anniversary Party
Saturday, August 20th, 11am
New Old Lompoc, 1616 NW 23rd Ave

Inconceivably, the Lompoc is 15. They will be throwing a big bash at the original location--which, apparently, is destined for the backhoe. (The faithful, obviously, can decamp to its other locations.) In celebration, the brewery is digging into the archives and pulling out fifteen very special beers.


Coalition One Year Anniversary Party
Saturday, August 20th, noon
Coalition Brewing, 2724 SE Ankeny

Must have been a good day to start a brewery. Coalition trails Lompoc by a few years, but the small brewery a stone's throw from my house has already become a Portland fixture. Live music, barbecue, and one of my favorite beers in the world--maple porter. Perfecto.


Beer Blogger's Conference
August 19-20

This is of no real interest to anyone who's not a blogger, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. You may see a pack of awkward beer geeks roaming in packs--that would be us. Wave and smile.
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