Random Bits: Lompoc and Cascade

I'm in the midst of an OBF post, but here are a couple tidbits I thought I'd pass along. First, from an email from Lompoc, announcing their 15th (!) anniversary:
The anniversary party may be a swan song of sorts - demolition of the New Old Lompoc is rumored for 2012 to make way for apartments and upscale retail. To Lompoc fans, this will be a blow to the neighborhood; enjoy every bit of it while it lasts.
Well that's not good. I mean, it's a Red Sox pub!

Next, because I worry you won't have enough beer options, I would like to point this out:
Cascade Brewers & Blenders have opened the vaults! This Thursday through Saturday from 3 to 10 pm, there will be a second bar on the production side of the Cascade Barrel House where we'll be serving vintage and/or original Bourbonic Plague, Vlad the Imp Aler, Noyeaux and Beckberry. There is only one keg of each beer per day. When the vintage runs out, we'll fill in with the new versions of the Nouveau Noyeaux, Pre-Bourbonic and various other vintage drafts like 2009 Kriek and Apricot, and possibly a few others. This will be a cash only bar, and all beers will cost $7 per 8-oz glass.
I don't know if they're going to actually let you wander the cask room, but maybe they will. If so, I highly recommend it. If not, I highly recommend it.
Jeff Alworth1 Comment