Where Hops Don't Belong

Just in time for Father's Day, two seemingly misguided products.

1. Hop Candy
Father’s Day is not gleefully anticipated by chocolatiers, except, perhaps, by a company called Beercandy. The owner, Steve Casselman, a brewer in Santa Clara, Calif., began experimenting with beer-based candy more than 10 years ago with lollipops.... He also makes Hop Drops, flavored with the oil of American Cascade hops for a citric flavor. His latest treat is beer-flavored taffy.

2. Hop Cheese
[C]elebrates the Rogue Creamery’s 75th Anniversary (1935-2010) and will be paired at SAVOR with Rogue Farms Freedom Cheddar cheese, a cow’s milk cheddar cheese hand-mixed with Freedom hops from the Chatoe Rogue Micro Hopyard in Oregon’s Wigrich Appellation. Whole hop leaves are de-stemmed by hand, steeped in hot water, mixed into the curds and eventually pressed into blocks.

(Aren't cheesy hops a bad thing?)