Memorial Day Weather Report

The sun has broken through and all delight under its tender rays. Current temperature in Portland, 58 degrees. Now, you might think we'd complain about this, but no, for behold I pass along to you these stats (via Portland weatherman Rod Hill):
Our cool May weather is like the warm weather in Fairbanks, Alaska, each havering highs in the low 60s. Fairbanks has seen 12 days reach 70 degrees or more; Portland just five. Our warmest day [was] 74 degrees; Fairbanks has hit 85.
Despite this, May has been a slight improvement. March and April were the two coldest on record and also the wettest. This year, both 60 and 70 degrees arrived later than ever, and we're still waiting on our first 80-degree day. The poor breweries have been putting out the light, sunny beers, but all we want is stout. Of course, with the violence Mother Nature has visited upon other regions, we're not complaining. Just observing...