Breaking News: Blogger Moves ... Plus Some Other Stuff

I knew Stan Hieronymus was moving from New Mexico to St. Louis. I didn't realize it was MSM newsworthy, though. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch disagrees and welcomes Stan and his wife Daria with this nice article.

Speaking of writer/bloggers, Jack Curtin noted at the beginning of the month that he was listed a woeful 33rd on the flawed Wikio beer blog rankings. Worse, he fell twelve points in the past month. This is inexcusable, for Jack's a great writer and a really good blogger--he posts at least daily (except when he's fishing in Idaho). The logarithms are against him, though, and I hope other beer bloggers do their part to link to link back to Liquid Diet and get him up the rankings, where he belongs.

  • When I was passing through Hood River, I happened upon Double Mountain's Matt Swihart and his brand-spanking new purchase: a 1953 Chevrolet Panel Truck (like this one) which will be the new DM truck, outfitted with taps and looking groovy.
  • Pabst is moving to LA--though it hardly matters, since Pabst brews no beer.
  • Craft Brewers Alliance saw sales--but not profits--jump 15% in the first quarter of the year.
  • European beer bloggers will be conferencing this weekend in London. American beer bloggers will be meeting in August, here in Portland.
  • Since this newsy post is blogger-heavy, I should acknowledge the obvious: Doc Wort has vanished. More surprisingly, he's done so without a peep.
That's all I got.