Hunting the Elusive Mild Ale

For this book project that still cannot be named, I'll be discussing style. I've lately been looking into mild ales, a beer with very little presence in the US. The only milds I've seen brewed in the Northwest came from Brewers Union--which, despite its many virtues, doesn't get, ah, broad distribution. Maybe you can help.
  1. Can you point me to any American mild ales, particularly ones brewed either seasonally or (best case) as a part of a brewery's regular line? I don't expect to find any, but bottled examples would be especially useful.
  2. Do you know of any examples imported to the US?
I'm looking for more traditional modern examples. I know the style has a fair amount of latitude, but I'd like to locate some that are more typical--probably dark, definitely low-alcohol, probably not very hoppy. But let's not start with the narrow end of the funnel. I'll start with anything.