Home Brewer in the White House

Presidents make their mark on the White House by fixing the joint up. Nixon, for example, added a bowling alley. Carter added solar panels (and Reagan removed them). Roosevelt (FD) put in a swimming pool.

Obama? Homebrewery:
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have joined the home brewing beer trend that's swept the US, and will be serving a very special White House brew tonight when they welcome guests for the annual Super Bowl party, to watch as the Packers take on the Steelers.

In a special turn of events in the history of White House food creations, one of the White House chefs has brewed White House Honey Ale, a White House aide exclusively tipped ObFo. It uses one pound of honey from this year's 160-pound harvest of honey from the White House Bee Hive, which sits beside Mrs. Obama's South Lawn Kitchen Garden.
I've watched Obama's flirtation with beer since he was a candidate. (Although it's lost in cyberspace, someone shot a video of his visit to Beaverton. Someone recommends a local IPA and Obama responds, 'Really, is it good?") Forget the beer summit--Obama's been seen tippling at ball games and restaurants. His passion is typical for an American: he mainly drinks (and apparently quite enjoys) macros, but has the occasional crossover micro, too. He has so far failed to fall under the sway of double IPAs and bourbon-barrel aged imperial sours. Give him time, though. Homebrewing can affect you in unpredictable ways...

Update: by the way, if anyone knows how I would go about getting a bottle of WH homebrew for review, holler. I'd love to see what they're serving.