If Football Were Beer, Oregon Would Crush Alabama

I have a grave fear about tonight. (This owes more to being principally a fan of the Badgers, Blazers, Packers, and Red Sox than anything.) As a pre-emptive strike--or maybe a diversionary tactic--I offer one way in which Oregon absolutely trounces the Yellowhammer state: beer. We're number one, we're number one!
Alabama: 6 breweries
Alabama pop: 4.6 million (3.2 mil 21+)
Alabama breweries per-capita: 1 in 767,000

Oregon: 112 breweries
Oregon pop: 3.8 mil (2.5 mil 21+)
Oregon breweries per-capita: 1 in 34,000

Auburn, AL: 0 breweries
Auburn pop: 58,000
Auburn brweries per-capita: 0

Eugene, OR: 5 breweries
Eugene pop: 155,000
Eugene breweries per-capita: 1 in 31,000

Alabama per-capita beer consumption: 30.3 gallons/yr
Oregon per-capita beer consumption: 30.8 gal/yr
If my fears are borne out, please refer to this post as a pick-me-up. In the meantime, Go Ducks!