Draft's Best Beer Bars List for 2011

Draft Magazine has put out their annual best bars list, and the NW done good: seven pubs in Portland and four in Seattle. Other cities faring well include Philly (5) and Chicago (4). If you collect together Brooklyn and NYC, you get five, and four if you combine San Francisco and Oakland. I'm proud to say that two SoCal pubs, Tony's Darts Away and the Blind Lady, are both certified purveyors of honest pints. Congrats!

Portland pubs on the list:
  • Apex
  • Bailey's
  • Belmont Station
  • Concordia Ale House
  • Green Dragon
  • Horse Brass
  • Saraveza
Seattle pubs:
  • Beveridge Place
  • Naked City Taphouse
  • Stumbling Monk
  • Uber Tavern