A Craft Brewery Goes Paleolithic

I had promised to myself that I'd quit stealing content from Jay Brooks, but I can't let this one go. He posted a video today of two commercials from Atlanta-based Red Brick Brewing. In terms of tastelessness, tawdriness, and flat-out misogyny, they rival anything Coors or A-B ever aired. Behold:

"Blondes go down easy, real easy." This tagline, which is enormously offensive on its own, is all the worse with the degrading images and lecherous voice-over (double entendre very much intended).

Not only is it offensive, it's stupid. Craft brewing has been fantastic at shedding beer's sexist image--and as a consequence watched their sales grow. Retrograde "girls are for laughing at and screwing" beer ads are a sure way to turn them (and me) off.

Atlanta, world-headquarters of Hooters restaurants, is probably not the most enlightened city in the world. And certainly not the beeriest. (Web copy for the Blonde ale they're advertising here: "Good attack, fresh not too aggressive, the acidity though is quite present. There is a smooth texture, caressing of fresh barley and lemony flavors towards the end. Short finish with characters of slight bitterness, fresh coffee beans and blond chocolate." Please, quit torturing those innocent sentences! It's more egregious than even Bill's mocking beer-description generator.) So probably this is a reflection of nothing more than one boneheaded brewery owner who should probably be in a different business. Still, it's worth a chorus of boos, and will most assuredly be in my mind in 11 months when I assemble the next DMS Awards.