Cascade Scottish Ale Fest

Scottish Ale Fest
Cascade Barrel House
Saturday, January 29, 3-11pm
939 SE Belmont
In my haste to post news of coming events, I forgot one of the most important--Cascade Brewing's inaugural Scottish Ale Fest this weekend. (They're calling it the "first annual," but I think you have to have a second one before it's "annual.") Reason enough to go is the opportunity to see Ron Gansberg's band play, but you might also like the beer line-up:
The beer lineup includes Black Raven Brewing’s Splinters Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale, Cascade Brewing’s McShagger Scotch Ale, Wee Ane and Black... Sheep Stout, Coalition Brewing’s Brigadoonery Scottish Ale, Fearless Brewing’s Strong Scotch Ale, Lucky Lab’s Scottish Holiday, Migration Brewing’s Old Silenus, Rock Bottom Brewery’s Highland Courage, Schooner EXACT Brewing’s Hoppy the Woodsman, and Upright Brewing’s House.
I'll be out of town, so you have to go on my behalf. I am particularly interested in the Washington breweries. (And, is that Rock Bottom beer a Havig origional? Could be a special one.) I charge you with trying the beers and reporting back. Please!
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