Name That Pub

Me likey:
As part of the multi-year Founding Partnership, Widmer Brothers will sponsor the new bar area, located behind the south end goal at PGE Park, and is looking to fans for ideas on the bar’s name. Timber fans can submit ideas and vote on their favorite name on the Widmer Brothers Facebook page.
They have pretty generic offerings, but also a fill-in space where you can add your own. Something characteristic of logging would be cool--the Widmer Millhouse or something. (Any loggers out there know some logging-appropriate term that would be cool? This site of Minnesota logging lingo offers interesting ideas. You could go with "Deacon's Seat.")

The brothers also list a regular line-up of Widmer beers, but I think they're missing a fantastic cross-branding opportunity here. They should re-purpose W '10 as the local Timbers tipple--available only at the stadium. What with Abe now being the poster boy for the Timbers--and the pied piper of Cascadian Dark Ales--the whole thing comes together beautifully. Plus, I bet the Timbers Army is a CDA-lovin' group of fans.