DMS Award Nominations

Back in July, I ruminated on the corrupting nature of beer blogging. It is an innately compromising activity. In that post, I pointed out how my positive review of Rogue's Chatoe Single Malt resulted in links from the brewery and juiced traffic to the tune of a 25% bump. Add to that the free beer, in-depth brewery tours, and general cliquish nature of the industry, and you have lots of reasons for why we might shade things in a brewery's favor.

I threatened an antidote to that impulse, the Dismal Malty Substances (DMS) Awards.* Well, let's deliver on the threat. I have a couple of nominees in mind, but I would love to solicit input from you all. Did you have offensive beer this year? Did you see a brewery behaving badly? Was there an "innovation" you'd rather forget? Embarrassing blog post? Let's have a little fun, along the lines of Hollywood's Razzies. We don't want any salted earth commentary, but we should all be able to poke fun at ourselves, right? Here are a few potential categories
  • Worst beer
  • Worst act by a brewery (local and/or national)
  • Worst blog post
  • Worst macro-related product (Four Loco, Bud Select 55, etc.)
  • Worst event or feature at an event
  • Worst "innovation" or ingredient
  • Others???
I can put this together myself, but I would love some help from you all. As you proved with the info about CDAs, your collective brain is far bigger than mine. Add your nominations in comments (or ideas for other categories). If you have something that's too hot to handle, you can also email it to me privately at the_beerax (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Let the fun begin--

*A beer geek pun. Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) is an off-flavor in beer.