"Ballots are the rightful, and peaceful, successors of bullets."
--Abe Lincoln

"Remember to vote early--and often."
--Al Capone
The word "vote" comes from the Latin votum, which means "wish." This in turn comes from an older word volum, "to vow." The two senses of the word are still resident in the act of voting, even millennia later in our cynical and degenerate age. We are given this right, this vow, and into it we invest our wish. Among the many rights we have as citizens, few affect the course of the nation so directly.

So, whether you root for the blue, red, green, or tea-colored team, go vote. It is our right as citizens, and our luxury, and it costs nothing*.

*Unless you mailed it in Oregon, in which case it cost you first-class postage.
Jeff Alworth4 Comments