Three Nuggets From the Road

Our tour began at Oakshire, proceeded to Ninkasi, and concluded with Brewer's Union. I learned a vast amount--much of which I will share later. But here's three tidbits:

1. Oakshire makes a small beer from Ill-Mannered Gnome that weighs in at about 3.8%. It is approriately known as Well-Mannered Gnome.

2. Ninkasi's new Krones bottling line is in situ, where it will soon be producing not only 22s, but 12-ounce bottles of beer.

3. Ted Sobel's fermenters, though more modest than Ninkasi's, are square, like Samuel Smith's. His main yeast is also a Yorkshire strain.

Okay, now to Block 15-
Jeff Alworth4 Comments