Incidentally, I'm in Boston

And I'll be headed to Maine tomorrow. I considered trying to track down a brewpub, but you know, there are cooler things in Boston. Sally and I went to the North End for Italian and then to the 70-year-old (and therefore mis-named) Modern Pastry for cannoli. Plus we paid homage to the revolution, which I have a hard time resisting. Blogging will continue as normal, but commenting here and elsewhere will be slow.

We parked next to the Boston Garden and paid a guy who was dressed head-to-toe in Red Sox paraphernalia. His accent was so think it was only occasionally recognizeable as English.

Paul Revere's wooden house, built 1680. Gives me hope that ours (1925) will survive my lifetime.

Revere, with the Old Church in the background. ("One if by land...")

From inside the Old Church, looking to the courtyard.

Never mind the beer, take the cannolis.
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