Good to Get Back to Oregon

I love New England and was a little sad to leave. The days were crisp and snowy, the nights filled with a cornucopia of beers brought up from the DC area by my brother-in-law. I could have stayed for weeks. But we flew home via Dallas, and I was reminded that not every place is Beervana. (My momma taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say about the hometown of a former President, note it in a short parenthetical and move on.)

I have lots of remedial blogging to do, and it will commence tomorrow. In the meantime, I was greeted by a link that warmed my frozen heart: Ninkasi's Believer is tearing it up in Wired Magazine's beer bracketology. (Session Black is hanging in, too.) That's Satori Award-winning Ninkasi Believer.

All is right with the world--
Jeff Alworthrandom1 Comment