But If CAMRA Didn't Exist, What Would They Fight About?

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is a venerable old organization that defends the very British institution of cask ale. It was (choose one): a) the salvation of cask ale or b) an officious movement mainly successful at getting a lot of attention. It now (choose one): a) keeps alive an ancient tradition in the face of multinational fizzy lager, or b) does more harm to the cause of craft beer than good.

I haven't any opinion, though the always-convincing Martyn Cornell offers a strong case today. What I do know is that the arguments about cask ale seem to mark British drinking culture almost as much as cask ale does, and every time I see a flare up like this, it amuses and heartens me. I'm too distant to have a dog in the fight; I just like knowing people are still fighting about good beer. I'll worry when the debates stop.