Oregon's Fresh Hop Beers

Following up on yesterday's surprisingly popular description of hop varieties, I will localize thing for the variety of fresh hop beers available this year in Oregon. The Brewers Guild has released a full list of 58 different beers from 36 breweries (that's counting the 16 Thundercones from sixteen different McMenamins, as one beer).

Not all fresh hops are created equally. Some really sing when their fresh, and some ... don't. Every year, this is reflected in greater reliance on just a few types of hops. Over half the beers employ just four varieties: Cascade, Centennial, Crystal, and Nuggets. (The preponderance is shifted massively if you include the 16 McMenamins, which used Cascades.) This reconciles with my own experience--these hops have been used reliably in a number of fan faves over the past few years. Last year, I thought Chinooks acquitted themselves nicely, too--but only two beers use them in 2010.

In any case, below is a list of beers divided by hop type, and just to be comprehensive, I'll include the hop description from yesterday's post. A bit redundant, I'll admit, but I didn't have the list of beers when I posted yesterday--and I'll put it beneath a "jump" so you don't have to see the same long list. Consider it a "clip 'n save" opportunity.

Beer Valley Black Flag Imperial Stout.
  • History. A super-high alpha hop with principally Zeus and Nugget parentage released by SS Steiner in 2006.
  • Flavor/Aroma. Not much available on this new hop, which is described in generic terms as "fruity" and "floral." (alpha acid: 14-17%% / beta acid: 3-5%. Total oils 1.6 - 2.4 ml.)

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