Fresh Hops at Roscoe's

If Beervana has faults--and mind, I'm not admitting any--one may have to do with good beer concentrations outside the core neighborhoods. You drive to Gresham or Milwaukie, and your pub choices plummet.

I have been meaning to do a bit more to promote those who buck the trend, like Roscoe's, in Montavilla. So allow me to direct your attention their way as they host a Fresh Hop Summit this Friday:
Fresh Hop Summit
Friday, October 29, 5pm to close (2:30 am)
Roscoe's, 8105 SE Stark St.

The Roscoe's Fresh Hop Summit is coming up. We will have 14 great fresh hop beers all on tap. Trays of 5 ounce tasters will be available. Some of the breweries and beers featured will be: Ft. George (Cohoperative), Double Mountain (Killer Green), Oakshire (locavore), Deschutes (fresh-hopped Mirror Pond), Sierra Nevada (Estate), Amnesia, Lompoc, Cascade, Silver Moon, Hopworks, Coalition, and more. There will be many beer styles represented (from Pilsner to Porter)
Make a note of it.