Overrated Breweries

Just in time for the GABF, Denver's Jonathan Shikes offers his take on the six most overrated breweries in the US:
  • Dogfish Head: "I have yet to find a Dogfish beer that didn't involve a grimace."
  • Russian River: "Pliny the Elder is a great beer, but it's not any better than half a dozen other IPAs in Colorado alone, let alone California."
  • Brooklyn Brewery: "They have a great reputation, but maybe that's because New York has so many people and is starved for in-state craft breweries."
  • Goose Island: "The beers ... remind me the selection in Colorado in 2000."
  • Bear Republic: "I can think of a dozen IPA that are more balanced and more flavorful than Racer 5."
  • New Belgium: "The world seems to crave Fat Tire, and that is fine. But I've never met a real craft-beer lover who drinks it."
Bold--and amusing--comments. (He's dead wrong on two of my favorite beers, Racer 5 and Pliny, and shows that the Colorado palate is just different than the West Coast palate.) Now, does any blogger have the courage to do the same for Oregon? Yes! Behold my own six-pack of overratedness:
  • Cascade Brewing. Another gose? Do we really need another gose?
  • Hopworks. Mostly attractive to cyclists because of the rich parking opportunities.
  • Upright. Make me a "Fourteen" and then we'll talk.
  • Full Sail. Come on, John Harris, what have you done for us lately?
  • Hair of the Dog. The world wants to know: when will you make a "Jeff?"
  • Brewers Union. Give this damned cask thing a rest, will you?
Someone had to do it.