More Houses-Are-Big Blogging

First: what the hell's up with this weather? After a protracted and icy spring that ended pretty much only with the arrival of July, then October roared in at the end of August. Yesterday was the NFL's season kickoff game, but weather in Portland has hit mid-season form.

All of which sucks if you happen to be trying to paint your 17-mile-long house. (A house that strangely looks like a modest 1500 square feet when you're inside.)

My days are thus spent with desultory morning posts like this one and then hours Sisyphean work on the house. I have actually been doing some nice beer-related things, and posts float inside my head like motes, waiting to make it to the page. But instead, it's off to my paintbrushes. So, another couple weeks and then my usual level of blogging will resume. I hope.

Hi ho ...
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