Is Our Kids Drinking?

An email this morning alerts me to a story by the website "Best Colleges Online" about the top cheap beers for the discerning, impoverished college student. Paying passing lip-service to the virtues of not getting hammered, the story goes on to list the top ten cheap beers. You don't have to be an A student to grasp the subtext.

Now. I am an old man and as such, grow fuddier by the day. I understand that beer is to college kids what soccer is to Brazil. I am not foolish. Indeed, my own college years were dampened by the occasional can of Hamm's. However, there is a substantial difference between tolerating and encouraging. The freedom of college means the freedom to choose, and college students will choose whatever mind-expanding substances they can find. But here's a suggestion: why not encourage Kant rather than Keystone Light? College kids are smart enough to find cheap beer without encouragement. Kant? I'm not so sure.