OLCC Cancels Homebrew Contest at State Fair

The OLCC, apparently believing its approval rating was edging toward double digits, made sure it was still the number one most hated agency today, canceling competitions at the State Fair for homebrew and home-vinted wine. The wine competition has been going on for 30 years, the homebrew version for 22.
"The issue has to do with the judging," Bradley said Monday. "Judges are considered the public, and we cannot have the public tasting amateur wine or beer."

Earlier this year, we're told a county fair official asked the Oregon Liquor Control Commission about whether the 30-some-year-old Oregon law indeed made it illegal for members of the public to taste home-brewed beer. Over the past month, officials with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department then worked with the OLCC and the Department of Justice to find a way to hold the event and still comply with state law, but were unable to so.... The irony is the Oregon State Fair has been holding this home brew competition for years under the same law that is now being interpreted to make the competition illegal.
To be clear: this is merely a re-interpretation of settled law that appears to bother no one. On the other hand, that KATU article was posted two hours ago, and there are already 19 comments. On the Brew Crew homebrew listserv, where I found out about the law, there have already been 18 emails. Clearly a LOT of people are going to be mightily pissed off about this.

Remind me once again--why do we fund the OLCC?