I Seem to Recall That Coors Used to be More Hoppy

As our palates change, we sometimes mis-remember the past. We recall beers that impressed us with their aggressive flavors and wonder what happened to them. Poor Full Sail has weathered accusations of dumbing-down Amber for years. Of course they haven't; rather, after ten or fifteen imperial IPAs, it is the tasters' palates that change. But that's in the realm of the micro.

With the macros, it's a totally different ball game. Here's a clip I meant to post where Ken Grossman describes what happened.

If you remember a more flavorful Coors, your memory doesn't deceive. Twenty years ago, it was more flavorful. By the way, the flavor threshold for hops is somewhere in the range of 8 IBUs (it depends on the beer, obviously), which means that you can't taste any of the three hops used to brew "triple hops brewed" beer. At this point, hops are solely there to keep the beer from being too sweet--they add zero flavor.