Expanding the Definition of Beervana

BridgePort has two new videos out (they're called TV spots, but about where they're airing, and when, I can't say) that are very close to each other. Here's the second one--see if you notice anything interesting.

I'm actually pretty cool with an expanded definition of "Beervana." I know it properly refers to just the city of Portland. I'm also cool with that. But if you look at regional culture, the Pacific Northwest constitutes a single zone. Portland and Seattle have far more in common than they have in contrast.

Now, about that video. The visuals are cool and the music is tolerable (though not ideal). The voice-over? Not good. One has the sense that BridgePort's trying to hard--way too hard. Too bad they didn't just trust the images. They tell the whole story on their own. A longer and better version--with two seconds of pretty racy material--is here.