Opening Day

Certain phenomena defy explanation: Old Faithful, dark matter, German appreciation of David Hasselhoff. Another is the strange connection between Portland beer bloggers and the Boston Red Sox. Back in the old days (2007), we used to identify each other at beer events by chapeau. The Boston "B" might have stood for "blogger." I suspect the new infusion of beer writers has weakened this correlation, but for a few of us, the admiration we feel for Hair of the Dog's Blue Dot is rivaled only by our appreciation of a Big Papi walk-off homer.

Tonight the forces of goodness and light battle the dark lords of New York on the holy ground in Fenway. Easter Sunday, opening day, when the Sox hopes are risen. Stand now ye faithful, and pray for October.

Anyhoo, having blasphemed what is truly a sacred day (I'll call and apologize later, Mom), I leave you now with a final, transgressive image. Happy Easter and go Sox!

(If only I had a Harpoon, life would be full.)