Officially Certified: Raccoon Lodge

There remain a number of Portland pubs and breweries who serve honest pints but whom I haven't officially certified. One of two of the most egregious oversights on this score is the Raccoon Lodge, which was the first place ever to change their glassware to come into compliance. Well, thanks to that pint of Kriek, now it's official:

Raccoon Lodge Brewpub
Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint
7424 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway
Portland, OR 97225

That picture doesn't do it justice, but the elixir in the glass is indeed the Kriek--but don't bother trying to get a pint of it. That was a server misfire, and one of the luckier moments of my pub-going career. You can get a goblet of the Kriek, though, or a pint of any of Ron Gansberg's other beer. The west side isn't exactly festooned with joints serving honest pints, nor pints of great beer, so this should definitely be a go-to watering hole for those out past the hills.