Classic Story: Engineer Walks Into A Bar...

So yesterday, Gizmodo got a hold of what it breathlessly described as the latest Apple iPhone. I saw the story and clicked through, amazed that so much buzz could be created by such little story. ("It's clear that the features in this lost-and-found next-generation iPhone are drastically new and drastically different from what came before." Like, for example, it's squarish! The volume button isn't a single button anymore--there are two! There appears to be a video cam on the front! Okay, that one is new.)

Today we get the rest of the story. Yup, it's a new iPhone, all right, and Apple wants it back. But how did it get into the hands of the dastardly (and comic) press? Beer.
Apple engineer Gray Powell, who was working on the Baseband Software that will allow the phone to actually make calls, lost the device at the beer garden not far from company headquarters, where he was celebrating his 27th birthday. He'd been testing it, disguised as a 3GS. His status update sent from the phone read, “I underestimated how good German beer is.”
A rookie mistake. Beer bloggers and other tech-dependent pub-goers know that you never take your phone out of your pocket except to use it. We've all been there: a few panicked moments patting every pocket and craning around wildly, trying to remember where you've been. Pretty much one of those adrenalated buzz-kills is all you need to mend your ways.

My guess? Powell has learned his lesson.