Cheap Beer Doesn't Have to be Bad Beer

Yesterday afternoon, I was the guest on what ultimately proved to be a doomed broadcast of Savor PDX. Devlyn, the host, informed me this morning that our half-hour discussion was scuttled by digital gremlins. Ah well. However, during our discussion, we talked briefly about how being poor is no excuse for drinking bad beer. (Most of us are poor at the start of our beer-drinking careers, just at the moment when good beer may be most critical.) I mentioned that it only required you to be clever. Of course, one option is the two-dollar pint at EastBurn every Tuesday. Great beer, amazing price.

By chance, after that interview, I joined a friend at Fire on the Mountain, a wings place just a few doors down from EastBurn. As a (poor) vegetarian and someone who finds chicken wings gristly and meager, I had never had occasion to stop in. And thus did I miss an amazing deal. Six dollar pitchers! The tap list is nothing to sniff at, either: Double Mountain, Hopworks, Ninkasi, Terminal Gravity, and more.

So that takes care of Monday and Tuesday. Where would an enterprising beer drinker, long on smarts but short on cash, go on other nights? Suggestions?