Random Thoughts

These are the kinds of things one could tweet, I suppose, but I'm old school:

1. Last night I strolled past blossoming plants to on my way EastBurn for a pint of $2 beer. (Ah, Tuesdays!) While I enjoyed the February spring, I was alarmed by its early arrival (folks at the Japanese Garden say the cherries there are blooming 2-4 weeks early), and so was comforted to later find myself at the bar with a pint, the Blazers playing on the wall to my left. I haven't sat at the bar before, so I wasn't really clued into the idea that all beers are $2--including canned Pabst tallboys. Three or four times during the two pints I sat there, a 20-something sidled up and plopped down a Tommy J in exchange for a Blue Ribbon. I looked down at the oak-aged Arrogant Bastard I was drinking and was no less confused than earlier, when I beheld the new blossoms. Is it possible that people actually prefer Pabst? Can't be.

2. I believe someone circulated the good news about Liberty Street's honest pint certification below, because I got a raft of traffic this morning, along with some comments. Among those comments were a couple that criticized the brewery for serving beer not to their liking. Such as:
The beer really is bad. Generally flat and warmer than it should be. I know this is the way of the UK but we're not there. I'm a big fan of microbrews throughout this state. By far Liberty is the most dissapointing. I had high hopes too.
Hopes are variable. Reading this, I hope to someday find a reason to get to Detroit.
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