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I have been a little neglectful about mentioning some developments in and around the beer-o-sphere, so it's time to do some catch-up.

John Foyston
John Foyston has been writing about beer for the Oregonian since the mid 1990s, which surely must make him one of the longest-tenured beer writer in the country. But as you may have heard, all is not well with the newspaper business. In the latest round of cutbacks and employee buyouts, John decided it was time to make a change. He left the protection of a regular payroll for the fun and adventure of freelancing (joy!), but it comes with some definite perks. One is that he can spend a little more time on one of his loves, painting. (Others include: motorcycle repair, rock n' roll, dive bars.) This weekend he unveils 15 of his works at Roots (a pub--where else would he have a show?), and your should stop by, grab a pint, and have a look. John will be around from 4-8 so you can say howdy.
The Art of John Foyston
Roots Organic
1520 SE 7th
(Incidentally, he's not leaving the beer-writing biz; he's just getting paid less for it.)

New Blogs
Bill alerts us to a couple more new blogs to which I will re-alert you. First off, Renaissance Man Dave Seldon (artist, tech maven, homebrewer, entrepreneur) has launched 999 beers, a marathon project to taste a beer a day for 985 more days. Godspeed, man.

Another new member of the International Brotherhood of Beer Bloggers (local 503) is Brady Walen's The Daily Pull. He has come out of the gate strong, with lots of in-depth commentary and reportage.

(I promise to update my blogroll to reflect all the recent activity. Promise.)

Coalition Brewing
Latest missive from one of the new breweries slated to come on line this year:
I know, we've had a few setbacks...but things have turned out better than ever and it won't be too much longer, I promise. The new bit is that our brewery will be right across the street which now allows public access, tours, and tastings opposed to the tuffshed we were thinking about having in the back. Our recipes are dialed in, and all the nitty gritty with the city is working out. Stop by and chat...our "Collective" program where homebrewers can come in and brew with us is being fianlized and applications will be ready soon :) Cheers
Stop by and chat? I think I will. More when I know it.
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