Random Comments After a Visit to Lompoc 5th Quadrant

Look alert, and any visit to a pub is a potential blog post. But few offer the fascinating details from last night's visit to Lompoc 5th Quadrant.

Item One, Service
Consider this the first award in 2010 for best service. Our friend Charlie arrived via bike (tres Portlandish, since it was spitting spiteful rain) and therefore arrived earlier to the pub and therefore arrived at the bottom of his IPA first. The waitress walked by, looked at his empty and said, "Another IPA?" He concurred, and she plopped one down off her serving tray. Mind-reading! I henceforth expect this of all pubs.

Item Two, Glassware Decisions
Two of the seasonals are an imperial stout and a barleywine. A marginal .3% alcohol separate them--8.9% for the stout, 9.2% for the barleywine. Yet only one was served in a small glass. The mind-reading waitress could shed no light on why this might be, but was as amused as I was. I went with the stout ... in a 10-ounce glass. My age--a day shy of my 42nd birthday--now figures into these decisions.

Item Three, Beer
When all else fails, there's the beer to observe. The imperial stout was a fine pour. Made with coffee, it was rich and bitter and very boozy. Much admired around the table.

Oh, and the Jets upset the Chargers while we were there, but I ignored this spectacle. Who cares about football? I mean, since the Packers got beat last week.