Over at his new blog, Ezra has posted a two-part interview with Rogue's Brett Joyce (part one, part two). I will let you draw your own conclusions from the exchange. However, I wanted to comment on a bit that draws in this blog and the Honest Pint Project (I'm quoting from Ezra's raw transcript):
SA: ok. Let me go into the Honest Pint project promoted by Beervana (jeff alworth). So awhile back you guys did a video of you pouring an honest pint but it didnt quite meet the qualifications because an honest pint actually has to be 16oz of liquid not including the head (their was no head on the beer in the video), is their any reason you guys opted not to go that route?

Brett: In my experience what are called cheater pints are the pints that look like a pint but have the nub in the bottom so they dont hold 16oz. That was always my interpretation of what a cheater pint was. A pint glass that doesnt hold 16oz, now their is this new alleged definition that you get 16oz of liquid so that means you cant have a normal 16oz pint and have a head on it and I just think, if by somebodys definition their not honest pints then thats fine, you know 95% of the bars in the world use 16oz pints. We have served standard 16oz pints since day 1, um, we have no intention of changing it.
I pretty much agree with Brett on all points here. There are two problems with a 16-ounce shaker pint. The first is that it's nearly impossible for a casual drinker to glance at a shaker pint and tell whether it's 14 or 16 ounces. The second is that a 16-ounce glass does not deliver a 16-ounce pour, which is in keeping with the spirit of calling a particular measure a "pint."

I've don't ding pubs that don't use honest pints--the project has never been about being a beer cop. I wanted to encourage pubs to make the switch to a higher standard. And at least in the Portland area, we're seeing some nice success. Several places have switched over, and it is increasingly common to see not only larger glasses, but glasses etched with a line marking the pint level.

I don't begrudge Rogue anything here, and I hope they don't begrudge the HPP. They're sticking to their guns, and I'm sticking to mine.

(Incidentally, I'm long overdue for another round of certifications and hope to get to that soon. My new employment status should facilitate more comprehensive certification!)