Imbibe Mag on Don Younger

So often when a magazine does a profile on a prominent figure, it's a rehash of the well-known biography (and often, apocryphal matter). Imbibe hits the high notes in this profile of Don Younger, but they go deeper, too. Younger's a conservative? A Mad Man? True:
The honor [of being the namesake of Younger's Special Bitter] goes to William, his late brother, who pulled Younger out of a corporate marketing job and into the bar business a generation ago.

Corporate? Marketing job? It’s tough to imagine. In addition to his hippie-meets-blue-collar long hair and beard, Younger is perennially clad in jeans and a T-shirt. More important, as even friends will admit, he’s kind of a crazy coot. But it was only after an ill-conceived transplant to Los Angeles (when his employer relocated its headquarters) that Younger’s brother persuaded him to give it up for the bar business. “I was really a rising star, but I couldn’t live down there, driving an hour each way to and from work,” he recalls.
Definitely worth a read.