Goodbye and Hello

Some of you may have been readers of Jeff Bell's blog (aka "Stonch"). He was sort of a gonzo blogger back in the day--but then he bought a pub in London and the writing became less gonzo-y. Well, now he's shutting it down altogether. It was a nice run, Jeff.

Along inverse lines, Ezra Johnson-Greenough (aka "Samurai Artist") has taken his various beer-related work (Belmont Station, label art, Upright) and focused it on a new blog: The New School. Coming out of the gates hard with an interview with Brian Maher of Mt. Tabor Brewing. (Fun fact: their flagship pale will be brewed with a native Chinese hop. Fascinating.)

Welcome, Ezra, to the international brotherhood of beer bloggers, Portland local 503. May you flourish and battle your nemesis entertainingly.

Update. In comments, regular commenter Jason notes that he has also joined the brotherhood. I will (eventually) update the blogroll accordingly.