Vaguely Depressing

For the last couple weeks, Genesee Brewing has been carpet bombing me with emails about their latest project ... to cover beer tanks with vinyl wraps that look like beer cans. They are very excited about the project:
For the first time ever, three 35,862,784 ounce tanks that stand about three stories high carry the look of The Genesee Brewery’s flagship beers: Genesee, Genny Light and Genesee Cream Ale. Vinyl graphics that stretch 55 feet wide by 43 feet high now cover the tanks, making them look like oversized cans of beer. Located outside of the brewery, the tanks store the equivalent of approximately 124,523 cases of beer. People can clearly view them from the St. Paul Street side of the brewery.
This is a venerable, regional brewery that apparently makes decent enough beer. But when it comes to promotions, they're reduced to stunts like this.

Reason 397 why I'm happy to live in Beervana.