One More

Okay, this is something else. Seattle's Brouwer's Cafe had a groovy barrel-aged festival called "Big Wood," wherein all the beers had been aged in wood. (Hey, what did you think?) It was a pretty incredible list, including six from Cantillon, Allagash, Firestone Walker, plus lots from the locals (list here). They hold an audience award, and the winners were announced today. Behold:
1. Hair of the Dog, Bourbon Fred from the Wood
2. (Tie) Hair of the Dog Matt & Port Brewing Older Viscosity
3. Hair of the Dog Bob
This, incidentally, is Bob:
This Beer is named in memory of Robert Farrell Jr. November 1946 - July 2008, gone but not forgotten. It was aged for over three years in an old American oak barrel, originally use for Fred from the Wood. He has matured with Apricots, Cherries and Raspberries for 15 months.
Nice job, Mr. Sprints!