Grandaddy Ale for the New Year

This is cool. I should try to score some before the Ducks thump the Buckeyes.
In honor of the University of Oregon Ducks going to the Rose Bowl, Nate Sampson, our Head Brewer here at Eugene City Brewery has brewed a beer with 2 lbs of red rose petals.

Since the Rose Bowl is referred to as the “Granddaddy of Them All,” we’ve named this one-time beer Granddaddy Ale. It’s a lightly-hopped golden ale with a floral aroma provided by the 2 lbs. of red rose petals that are added to the brew at the end of the boil.

Only 11 kegs of Granddaddy Ale were brewed and they will debut on tap at Eugene City Brewery, Green Dragon and Rogue embassies in Newport, Portland and Astoria starting December 28th.
Craig Nicholls used to brew a beer called Spring Rose Doppelbock for that period around Rose Festival. I believe I would prefer a doppel to a lightly-hopped golden, but hey, I need a time travel machine to get a rose doppel, and the car will get me to Rogue's rose.

Rogue just tweeted that it's on tap now ... but only in Oregon.
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