Beavers and Ducks and Roses, Oh My!

So apparently there's a little scrimmage happening down in Eugene tonight. If you trawled the right news sources in the past few days, you might have been lucky enough to see a short mention of it. Apparently there's something at stake for the winner, too--some kind of bowl game in California.

If you're like me, you did not attend either the University of Oregon nor Oregon State University. (My team, which also participates in the annual Rose Bowl sweepstakes, are the mighty Badgers of Wisconsin. They will, sadly, not be facing the winner of tonight's game.) This means you have vague, divided, or oscillating loyalties. But at 6pm there will be no room for ambiguities. We must all pick a horse and ride it--to historic glory or humiliation. For those of you reading this blog, you may consider the beer connection. I have generally favored the Ducks, for no reason than their uniforms are less ugly (though this year that advantage is considerably narrower).

But consider: one of these two schools has a program in fermentation sciences (and an accompanying brewery). One of these schools has a hop research lab that is responsible for a number of commercial hop strains and may consequently have had more to do with creating the unique character of Beervana than anyone else. That school is Oregon State University, who tonight will receive my favor.

Go Beavs!