Allagash Lambic Debuts

Ah, the moment we've all been waiting for--the debut of Allagash's spontaneously-fermented beer. I wrote about this extensively when I visited the brewery a year ago. Via Beernews, here's the story:
Flash forward two years later to present day and the brewery has debuted the very first batch. Unfortunately for most BN readers, it took place in Belgium at The Day of the Lambic, a festival featuring more than fifteen unblended Lambics from nine breweries....

The City Paper interview with Tod has some other interesting tidbits: there have been eight batches total, each with what appears to be a few to several barrels a batch). The brewery is experimenting with a lot of different fruits like cherries, raspberries, and Maine blueberries.
I'll appeal to the brewery to see if I can somehow get a sample. (Without, you know, buying a plane ticket to Maine. Though that's not out of the question.)

Photo: the Allagash koelschip (cool ship), where hot wort is left to age and frolic with wild yeasts that float in through those open windows.
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