Soliciting Your Advice

In my interview with Karl Ockert last week, he mentioned that BridgePort is currently ruminating about their Spring "Big Brews" slot. The Big Brews line is the one that has included Hop Czar (which will be moving to six-packs), Fallen Friar, Stumptown Tart, and Raven Mad. Karl asked me--as he probably asks everyone--what I would suggest. I told him I'd do him one better than that; I'd find out what you would suggest.

So below is a poll with a number of styles that I have pre-selected. They include only "big" beers--my rule of thumb was 7% and up. I eliminated styles BridgePort already brews (tripel, double IPA, barleywine), and styles that are pretty broadly brewed or randomly imperialized styles (Imperial Kolsch!). Of course, some of you may have a suggestion that's not here, so please use the write-in category. I'll run this for a few days (until we hit 250 or more) and then we'll winnow it down to 3-4 styles and see if there's a clear fave.

You can click through to learn more about the styles at BeerAdvocate, which handily also has beers brewed in those styles. Kellerbier is totally obscure, but it's a hoppy lager generally brewed at weaker strengths--but it can go up to 7%. Some of you will remember Jamie Floyd's wheatwine from Steelhead, but otherwise examples are rare. It's essentially a barleywine made with a large proportion of wheat.

I have no idea how much pull your suggestions will have, but Karl ran it past some folks at BridgePort and they're interested in what you think. So please vote!

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